TOP Destinations: Flores

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This week we arrive at Flores island, the western-most tip of Europe. Flores is scarcely populated and lies relatively far from the other islands (besides Corvo) preserving an unbeaten tranquility.

Flores presents some quite dramatic landscape and luxurious vegetation well maintained by an highly impressive average of nearly 300 days of rain per year! As such, water is literally present all over the island in multiple lagoons, streams and waterfalls such as the Ribeira Grande waterfall dropping from 300 meters high and feeding several others.

Weather here can be quite inclement with strong winds, dense fog and heavy rainfall for days when the island can seem to be crying all over her lap as the water drops downhill and runs wildly from every corner. But perhaps these unique conditions have been the ones responsible for shaping this rather rugged and unspoiled landscape and as such they have been doing an amazing job.

Experience some of this mountainous landscape, the freshness of the endless pure water flows and the peace present in Flores remote villages at

Next week another Azorean island remains to be discovered. See you!

Carlos Esteves


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