TOP Destinations: São Miguel

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Let's move on to the second island in this series. São Miguel is the largest island of Azores and concentrates the majority of the total Azorean population as also the major city of Ponta Delgada.

It's amazing the number of natural wonders concentrated together in this single island starting by the multiple craters filled with beautiful lakes such as Sete Cidades, Furnas and Fogo just to name a few. The treks and the views here are literally breathless as you feel all the power and peace from these unique landscapes.

Known as the green island, it is punctuated by multiple caldeiras where clouds of steam rise in the valleys from the sulphurous and boiling water deep from earth. Traditionally the villagers cooked by burying the pots for hours while the food simmered in the hot earth and you'll find curious to know that you can still experience this nowadays. São Miguel is also known by their pineapple and tea plantations where terraced fields are used to soften the steep slopes.

I'm sure you're now eager to take a deep dive into São Miguel world wonders. Don't wait more, here they are:

Also remember to watch for the next Azorean islands coming in the following weeks.

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