TOP Destinations: Terceira

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Terceira ends for now this series dedicated to Azores, this island is easily recognized by a patchwork of fields divided by small stone walls creating a striking endless pattern.

As in the other Azorean islands, several volcanic cones, craters and lava fields are present such as the impressive Algar do Carvão volcano. Angra do Heroísmo is the historical capital of the archipelago where great architecture can be appreciated and since 1983 is part of UNESCO World Heritage sites. Lajes military air base is used by the Americans mainly as a refueling stop on the transatlantic routes and still plays a relevant role in the island daily life.

Enjoy the views and have the amazing experience to be inside a volcano looking up through its cone:

See you!

Carlos Esteves


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excelente paisagem até dá gosto de certeza de conhecer esse lugar,tb excelentes resultados .parabens
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