TOP Destinations: Reykjavík

January 19, 2014  •  Leave a Comment


What about to start the new year at North right before the Article Circle? Sounds tempting? So we'll go to Iceland, to this amazing land where all the natural elements of Earth seem to come together.

Frightful volcanoes, immense lava fields, geysers, a diverse shoreline, amazing glaciers lagoons, an endless myriad of waterfalls, imposing mountains, unique wildlife and an astonishing otherworldy landscape are present all over Iceland to defy their fierce inhabitants and to gaze their adventurous visitors.

Already breathless from the description from the challenges you're about to encounter? Well, ok, for now we'll start slowly in Reykjavík, Iceland's capital, where some amazing architecture is also really worth mentioning. Visit this first album at your own pace in before we speed up in the following weeks as we depart from Reykjavík and enter into the wild Iceland!

Also I invite you to wander now around the site as some visual changes are still being introduced in the galleries presentation. Check it out and tell me your thoughts.


Carlos Esteves


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