TOP Destinations: North Iceland

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After reaching the eastern tip we'll begin to reverse our course but this time through the vast North region of Iceland really close to the Artic Circle.

This region is just amazing, starting at Dettifoss, the Europe's biggest waterfall in terms of volume. It's power is so smashing that it spreads water in the air literally several hundred meters away from the fall making the photography process a true challenge. In Lake Mývtan area we'll encounter another otherwordly scenario where we'll seem to be walking on the moon, with several bubbling craters, steaming fumaroles and sulphurous mud pits. Then we'll climb right to the top of Krafla volcano having the beautiful view of Viti bright blue flooded crater at our feet.

We'll also wonder at the beautiful Goðafoss waterfall and we end up with a panoramic view of the lovely city of Akureyri by sunset. We'll continue to explore the traditional architecture and way of living in Iceland, this time in Glaumbær and, of course, along the way we'll have the chance to appreciate the wonderful scenario surrounding us and the majestic icelandic horses.

The journey continues next week, cheers!

Carlos Esteves


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