Encounters along the way

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Whether paved or dirt,
each road you take is a way,
a way to hide, pursue or reach,
each cross along may take you to other directions,
but along the road you hurry for your given destination,
you despair for not being there already,
so you run faster for it,
what if...
you let yourself stop along the path
and immerse in the soul of the landscape,
to feel its roughness, texture and character,
to perceive the shape of the unknown that surrounds you,
the place that doesn't deserve a mention in any book,
what if...
you let yourself encounter someone along,
someone that came out from nowhere
and goes to nowhere
and let him share with you his life story
while you tell him your own
can it make you more complete,
can it lead you to a different destination?
Carlos Esteves








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